Radio HDO #45 : In The Turmoil

Toutes les playlists racontent des histoires, histoire personnelle ou témoignage de l’époque, musical et historique. Celle-ci tient des deux car elle parle de tumulte, celui du cœur qui bat un peu plus – trop – vite et du désordre du monde, le tout grâce à des morceaux made in « Automne 2022 ». Pourvu qu’on passe l’hiver… en musique !


All playlists tell stories. Stories about the author’s personal history or they are testimony of the time, musical and historical. This one does both and invites you to a journey into turmoil.

Open your ears, your heart already beats a little faster, maybe it’s love or the disorder of the world, who knows? By chance, this is fresh music: all the tunes are made in 2022!

But be careful, winter is coming, and if we survive it… It will be thanks to music!

Photo : Boris Mikhaïlov


  1. Gabriels – Taboo
  2. Jan Verstraeten – BAD BAD LOVE
  3. Loverman – Into The Night
  4. Michael Rault – Exactly What I Needed
  5. Tamino – My Dearest Friend And Enemy
  6. Carly Blackman – Beverly Farms
  7. Jesca Hoop – Sudden Light
  8. Benjamin Clementine – Genesis
  9. Unloved – Lucky
  10. Eamon – Ready For War
  11. Matthis Pascaud et Hugh Coltman – Loop Garoo
  12. Marjolaine Karlin, Wati Watia Zorey Band et Rosemary Standley – Rèt’pri (Déliryom)
  13. The Inspector Cluzo – HORIZON
  14. Early James – What A Strange Time To Be Alive
  15. Animaux Surround – The Fall
  16. The Black Angels – La Pared (Govt. Wall Blues)
  17. Tess Parks – Brexit at Tiffany’s
  18. LUCI – Gnarly
  19. Melt Yourself Down – Ghosts On The Run
  20. MEUTE – Hey Hey